The idea of designing logo, promotional materials such as business cards, letterheads, envelops, money receipts, pen, CD, mugs, wallets, brochures or product packaging, and even designing the website for a company are important in improving a company’s sales but what a company actually needs in order to boost its sales is to develop a corporate identity that will differentiate it from its competitors, allow it to have a high positioning in the minds of the target audience, and increase its market share.

Developing a corporate identity should start in a strategic manner, even before a product or service is brought to the market. Finding the right name for a company, its goods or services can play a critical role in increasing or decreasing their adoption rate and, therefore, their sales. For instance, as history proved, when all the companies on the market use various names to illustrate their sophistication or complexity, the best naming strategy might be choosing a simple, evocative word and connect it to a familiar logo.

Contrary to the popular belief that developing a corporate identity is a static process – a pursuit that a company undergoes only once and then just use the results of this processing in communicating with the consumers and all the other stakeholders, corporate identity should be a dynamic part of a company’s efforts, and a good company with expertise in corporate identity development can ensure both the success of a visual identity as initially brought to the market, but also the continuation of this dynamic process, and can even ‘fix’ a corporate identity that was poorly developed in the beginning.

More than anything, a company’s corporate identity, together with branding and strategic marketing efforts, has to align the identity of an organization with that of its products and services, its identity with its organizational culture and its target audience’s preferences. Corporate identity can do more than making a company, product, or a service recognizable, it can impact the way those are perceived and treated by the customers and business partners. It can help a particular company position itself as a high or unique player not only in the minds of consumers but those of the competition and supplier. It can impact the number and quality of the connections a company establishes in the market, the negotiation power it has with its suppliers and business clients, the quantity of products it sales and the number of customers that it attracts and maintains..

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